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Norquin: North America’s Largest Quinoa Supplier

Let’s Grow Together

Every seed tells a story. In our case, we know the words by heart. We’re reinventing new possibilities for ancient grains as versatile building blocks for original food products and nutritious enhancements to trusted recipes.

Soil & Health Benefits

Quinoa is as good for the earth as it is for your health. Containing protein, fiber and carbohydrates, quinoa represents the complete nutrition while providing a sustainable food production system. Quinoa has a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria in the soil converting nitrogen to natural fertilizer for the next plant. A regenerative approach to farming.

Sustainable Production

NorQuin uses a state-of-the-art process that is significantly different than other quinoa processors. Our system conditions the quinoa seed by using just 5 liters per MT vs others that use 4,500 liters MT. NorQuin is focused on securing the future of our food supply and life on earth.

North American Grown*

Our growers, on average, make 25% more revenue growing quinoa compared to to other crops such as Canola. Our growers also benefit from the crop rotation and soil health benefits from NorQuin quinoa.

*Actual NorQuin grower; Courtney Swystun

We’re The Largest Integrated Quinoa Supplier

26 Years of Experience

Great accomplishments take time. We consider ourselves students of agriculture and maintain the belief that we can continue to build upon a rich tradition of sustainability.

Natural Breeding Methods

We refine our crops with selective breeding. We’re non-GMO from the roots up.

Source Traceability

An attribute historically reserved for winegrowers, our quinoa has origin traceable back to the farmer and the field. That’s growing with identity.

North American Grown

We like to keep an eye on our products, so we grow them locally. We have rare insight into each harvest, made possible by building lasting partnerships with expert farmers. You won’t find this level of quality obsession anywhere else.

Ready to make something amazing?

We drive creativity by developing innovative ingredients for your products. We know that your customers are constantly on the hunt for cleaner, healthier options. Chances are, we already produce quinoa in a format that’s tailored to your needs.