Quinoa Bran

NorQuin Quinoa Bran is a high-protein and high-fiber powder used to boost nutritional components with a clean label formulation.

Lightly nutty and toasted

Our Method
The seed is cooked and toasted to perfection then we delicately separate the bran from the remainder of the seed.

Baked goods, nutritional bars, baby foods, beverages, cereals, and many more.

Quinoa Bran Features include:

Nine Essential Amino Acids

Contains all nine essential amino acids

Vitamins and Minerals

Trace vitamins and minerals

Low Glycemic Index

Low glycemic index relative to rice, wheat, and other grains

Gluten Free Certified

Gluten-Free Certified

Kosher Certified

Kosher Certified

Non-GMO Project Verified

Non-GMO Project Verified

Traceable to the Field

Traceable to the field



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We drive creativity by developing innovative ingredients for your products. We know that your customers are constantly on the hunt for cleaner, healthier options. Chances are, we already produce quinoa in a format that’s tailored to your needs.